• BDO Top 100 Locally Controlled NI Business List

BDO Top 100 Locally Controlled NI Business List

BDO Northern Ireland is delighted to work with the Institute of Directors and sponsor the Top 100 Locally Controlled NI Business List 2019.

All of us at BDO NI send our congratulations to the businesses that have made the Top 100 list. It is an amazing achievement, and something we feel should be celebrated. As the list demonstrates, there are many fantastic businesses in Northern Ireland and it is important that those companies, entrepreneurs and talent should be recognised. 

In addition to generating significant profits, these top businesses are providing skilled employment and supporting their local communities in numerous ways. 

It will not be lost on anyone that businesses are operating in a turbulent political and economic environment, but despite the challenges of ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, the availability of skilled staff and no functioning local Executive, our businesses have shown the determination and resilience that has made them the success they are. Indeed, 70% of the Top 100 Locally Controlled Businesses have reported growth in the past year and an increase in their profits, with profits ranging from approx. £2m to £49M!

Family Owned Businesses form a large part of those on the Top 100 locally controlled business list, including our Number 1 spot taker for 2019, Norbrook. Our information shows that 79% of the Top 100 and 9 out of the Top 10 are family businesses. This tells us that Family Businesses in NI are performing at levels higher than expected despite the additional specific issues they face around the interaction of the family and business (Family Businesses make up approx. 75% of NI Businesses).

The full list can be seen here as featured in the IoD NI Magazine.

At BDO we believe that locally controlled NI businesses can help each other, share in each other’s success and learn from the challenges other businesses have faced. We aim to talk to the businesses in the Top 100 locally controlled NI Business list and share the information with you in our ‘Celebrating Success’ series (see below). 

BDO NI specialises in assisting Family Owned and Locally Controlled Businesses, and in doing so we have developed an in-depth knowledge and the required skills needed to navigate through the complexities that many of those businesses face. 

For more information on how we can help, or on how to attend the various business and networking events we host throughout the year, please contact Maybeth Shaw or Angela Keery who lead our FOB team.

Celebrating Success Series:


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