• Deal Negotiation

Deal Negotiation

We assist our clients in executing successful deals through working to develop the correct strategy, identifying risks and potential synergies. We identify points of negotiation to ensure we maximise the return on the deal.


  • There is more to a valuation than the final number. The real challenge is arriving at a valuation that is appropriate and fit for purpose. This involves a delicate interplay of business acumen, legal expertise, technical knowledge and practical experience.
  • You may need an independent valuation for any number of reasons – to comply with accounting or regulatory standards, for tax, litigation, family or commercial purposes. 

SPA review

As part of the transactional support offered throughout the deal continuum, BDO can work alongside your legal advisers to provide expert advice in relation to the preparation/ negotiation of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (‘SPA’) in order to maximise value obtained. Such advice would include;

  • Commentary on the pricing mechanism,
  • Consideration of relevant representations, warranties and indemnities,
  • Commentary on any accounting related clauses of the SPA,
  • Any dispute resolution mechanism related to the purchase price adjustment,
  • Consideration of any issues identified in the financial due diligence process,
  • Financial analysis (i.e. normalised working capital requirements),
  • Financial benchmarks to be met as part of the process and deal completion mechanics,
  • BDO can also assist on completion of the deal to ensure any value is protected.