• Don't let the taxman spoil the party

Don't let the taxman spoil the party

26 November 2021

Opportunities for real world office parties and other social events have inevitably been curtailed by COVID-19. Virtual events have been necessary and fun but the value of getting together with colleagues, clients and other business contacts when circumstance allow, is not to be underestimated. 

Many businesses now anticipate a steady increase in their business and staff entertaining spend reflecting the need to re-engage with people on a more personal level and to help mitigate staff turnover. And indeed there is renewed enthusiasm, from even the seasoned organiser, for making sure that in doing so, their employer is shown at its best and there are no hiccups. 

Although perhaps lacking practice of late, a talent for planning good events is never lost. However with new and exciting plans also comes an opportunity to build them even better through ensuring that the tax angles are not forgotten. That might sound dull by comparison with the food and entertainment but it’s an essential ingredient for success both in terms of stretching the budget that bit further and ensuring that the unexpected pitfalls of some complicated tax rules are avoided. 

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