• Brexit Planning - the detail


The one certainty about the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is that it will trigger fundamental changes in the way organisations do business. While the final details of the UK’s exit terms remain uncertain, businesses must begin preparing now so that they can adapt quickly to the new trading environment as it evolves.

In this time of change it is important that your business stays as flexible and focused as possible to meet any challenges which Brexit may bring. Businesses that can react in an agile and well planned way will be best placed to succeed. As well as issues to be managed, there will be new opportunities to take advantage of – particularly from any new trade agreements that the UK may be free to negotiate once it is no longer part of the EU.

We recognise different businesses face different circumstances. Now is the time to reconsider and evaluate your business strategy so that you can adapt quickly to the new environment as it continues to evolve.

Start planning for Brexit here with our Brexit Planning Tool. BDO's full Brexit Planning Guide can also be downloaded here.

The BDO Northern Ireland Brexit Taskforce team are also a panel member and accredited Intertrade Ireland Brexit Advisor.

Through Intertrade’s “Start to Plan” voucher scheme, they can provide funding of up to £2,000 or €2,000 towards professional advice provided by BDO in relation to Brexit matters.  This support can help your business get advice on specific issues such as movement of labour, goods, services and currency management. Visit Intertrade’s website for more information about the scheme and select BDO Northern Ireland as your local accredited advisor.